Gebhardt Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH is a cutting-edge engineering company specialising in follow-on and transfer tools for the automotive industry. Our high-quality product sectors range from structural and gearbox parts up to decorative elements. Integrated process mapping guarantees consistently high quality and precision for our customers. Our competent and motivated team handles the entire project execution from basic planning to try-out all the way to the series-production-ready tool, optimised for each customer. In order to maintain our standard and also meet the needs of our customers in the future, we have been placing great value on our solid in-house vocational training.


State of Technology

In addition to the substantial experience and constantly growing expertise of our employees, state-of-the-art technology in our company is indispensable and without alternative in our process chain. State-of-the-art 2D and 3D CAD systems are just as much part of our innovative design and strategy planning as FEM calculations and simulations. This is the foundation for our ability to implement the best innovations and new forming methods from the start and offer unique solutions to our customers. Production in our new plant constructed in 2015 ensures the precision of our products. Our modern machine fleet is located on an area of over 1,600 m². For the try-out of our tools, we operate 4 presses up to 1,5000 kN for tools up to a length of 6,000 mm.


The company was founded in 1964 in Baienfurt by master toolmaker Erwin Gebhardt. In 1970, the company already relocated with its 10 employees to Löwenstrasse in Baienfurt, which today is plant 1, Back then, the company already started to make a name for itself with its innovative tool making. The first extension to the plant was constructed in 1982.


After receiving his engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing. FH), Markus Gebhardt joined the company’s management team in 1992. Under his management, the company oriented itself toward the automotive sector and is today among the leading and most experienced companies in the field of precision tool making in Germany.


As a result of the constant development and growth of the company, the production centre was relocated from Löwenstrasse in Baienfurt to Dr.-Haug-Strasse in Baienfurt.

Today, the company employs approximately 90 personnel and guides junior employees into the future of tool making with its high-quality training.